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Hello, everyone, rollingday_s speaking!

This is where I will post my Arashi fanfictions from time to time. The entries are public, so you don't need to join. It's just so that the posts will appear on your feed as soon as they're posted.

Comments are ♥ - don't be afraid to leave constructive critics! I allow anonymous comments in the community, so if it makes you feel more comfortable you can always log out before commenting. Or, if you prefer, you can leave your opinion anonymously here, at the arsconcritmeme. I promise to take every suggestion into consideration.

My OTP is Sakuraiba, followed very closely by Junba, but I shamelessly ship everything, so I write about everything depending on inspiration. There will be a variety of ratings and genres, but I’m a romantic with a penchant for angst, so you’ve been warned.

This post serves as a general post, but also as a Masterpost and an introduction post for you to use, if you'd like. I would be very happy if you introduced yourselves, regardless of whether you're joining the community or not.

Oh, last but not least, I’m not a native English speaker, so if you notice any mistakes or weird turn of phrases - or any typos, because that happens a lot - PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I want to improve my English, and I can’t do it if no one ever tells me where I went wrong. I swear I won’t get mad, but shower you with hugs and gratitude.

That’s all. Please enjoy being part of this community.


(Note: the old welcome post/masterpost is here, but since I can't edit it, I have to post it again. I didn't want to delete it because I didn't want to lose the comments of the lovely people there, though.)


Work in Progress // Future Fics
(in no particular order - titles and ratings might change)

→ {L is for...} #4
Juntoshi | Romance, slight Angst | PG

→ Falling Star
? | AU, Fantasy, Angst, Romance | up to R

→ 先輩と彼 (Senpai and Him)
? | AU, Comedy, Romance | up to R

→ 僕の守護天使 (My Guardian Angel)
? | AU, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Friendship, Romance | up to R

~ Da capo (tentative title)
? | AU, Dystopia, Romance, Angst | ?

→ {Amore} The Last Assignment (tentative title)
?, Sakuraiba (side) | AU, Fantasy, Romance, Angst | ?

Series, Chaptered Fics & Multi-parts
(fics ordered from newest to oldest)


{Series} Ravenclaw AU // Ongoing
Hogwarts AU in which the Arashi members are all in Ravenclaw. A series of drabbles or ficlets inspired by my Matsumiya ficlet, buddies. Ohno is the oldest, Sho and Aiba are two years behind him, and Jun and Nino are right after them. The list is in chronological order (may be different from posting order.)

Reference post and Characters cheat sheet here.
Matsumiya, Sakuraiba + other pairings as the story progresses | AU, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Friendship | Up to PG-13

Arashi // (slight) Matsumiya | Comedy/Humour | PG | 430 words
Summary: Jun’s giddiness is quick to fade when it’s Nino’s turn to be sorted.
Set on/in: 1st September 1994

// Mini-series: Out Loud
Arashi // Sakuraiba | Comedy, Romance, Fluff | G to PG-13 | 1485 words total
Summary: In which Sho wants to learn how to cast non-verbal spells and Aiba helps out.
Set on/in: November 1996

Sho, Aiba, Jun | Comedy | G | 497 words
Sho struggles with non-verbal spells.

Aiba, Ohno, Nino | Comedy | G | 449 words
Ohno helps – or at least he tries.

the experiment
Sakuraiba | Romance, Fluff | PG-13 | 539 words
Aiba finds a way.

~end //


→ {Series} Amore // Ongoing

Modern Fantasy AU where Aiba is a love god and Sho is his charge.
Sakuraiba, Sakumoto, (past) Sakumiya + other pairings as the story progresses | AU, Fantasy, Romance, Angst, Friendship | Up to R

Of Wishes, Gods, and True Love
Sakumoto, Sakuraiba, (past) Sakumiya | AU, Fantasy, Romance, Angst, Friendship | R
Summary: When Sho decides to give up on love, someone decides to help him believe in it again.

Being Human
Sakuraiba, (past) Sakumoto, Aimiya & Junba (friendship) | AU, Romance, Angst, Friendship | PG-13
Summary: For Aiba, finding love meant losing some things and gaining others.

→ {Series} L is for... // Ongoing

A series of fics with different interpretations of the line “Jun wakes Ohno up." Every fics’ “L” stands for something different. It doesn't matter what order you read them in.
Juntoshi | Romance + different genres for each fic | Different ratings for each fics

[ #1 | #2 | #3 ]
Summary: Jun wakes Ohno up.

{Multi-parts} Truth or Dare // Completed

Choose-your-path multi-parts with five different endings.
Aimiya (friendship), Aiba/Everyone | Comedy, Friendship, Romance + other genres depending on the ending | PG-13

[ 1 | 2 ]
Summary: Nino and Aiba have a secret game they like to play since they were fifteen, and neither has called it quit yet. But what happens when Nino accidentally finds out that Aiba had been keeping a huge secret from him for seventeen years?

→ {Series} Their Relationship // Completed

Canon-verse in which Sho and Aiba's relationship is not as close as they lead their fans to believe.
Sakuraiba | Angst, Romance, Comedy, Friendship | up to NC-17

Their Relationship
(Unrequited) Sakuraiba | Angst, Romance, Friendship | NC-17
Summary: [...] But what made him the happiest, after all, was that during filming he could be Aiba’s friend. He could tap him on his shoulder, smile at him, stand beside him, grab his hips to make him move, slap him jokingly, talk to him, laugh at his every oddity. And no one, not even the man himself, would find that strange.

His Laugh, His Smile
Sakuraiba | Comedy, slight Angst, Romance | R
Summary: Aiba saw that Sho had sent the text at 5:00 a.m.. He frowned. 'Why is he sending me stuff at 5 in the morning?'

(fics ordered from newest to oldest)

~ Backstage Sex (Pun Intended)
Sakuraiba | PWP | NC-17
Summary: Written for the Christmas Smut Meme 2016. The request was for Sakuraiba barebacking with no lube. Notes/extras were: going at it after some concert/live show/whatever in an unused backstage room, lots of adrenaline involved and no condoms/lube on hand. Bonus for rough sex!

~ Paradox
Aimiya | Angst, Romance, Friendship | R
Summary: Truthfully, he’s had many occasions to tell him. But for Nino life is a series of “now or never”s, and he always seems to opt for the easy way out. He never goes for it. He never risks. He never tells him.

~ Boy/friend?
Junba | AU, Comedy, Romance, Fluff | PG-13
Summary: Jun doesn’t even know what this ‘thing’ with Aiba is, but he knows that he’ll be one step closer to ‘it’ being a good thing if he finds the perfect gift for Aiba’s birthday.

~ Idols don’t need to be smart
No pairing | Comedy, Friendship | G
Summary: If there was one thing he had learned in the past few months, it was that ‘I’m an idol, I will never need to know maths in my life!’ is not an acceptable excuse.

~ Stronger
Sakuraiba | Drama, Romance, Fluff, Friendship, Angst | R
Summary: Aiba had always been stronger.

~ マイリーダー (My Leader)
Tennen | Fluff, Romance | PG-13
Summary: Aiba surprises Ohno with a night visit and beer.

~ Operation Jeannie
Sakuraiba, Ohmiya (side) | AU, Comedy, (bit of) Horror, Romance, Friendship | PG-13
Summary: Okay, yeah, it was true. Their tastes were very similar. They somehow ended up buying clothes from the same places all the time. [...] Still, he couldn't believe it when he saw him enter through the door to Ohno's apartment wearing that costume.

~ Lemon and Mint
Juntoshi | AU, Angst, Romance | PG-13
Summary: You know something's different when he comes home and you can smell a faint scent of citrus still lingering on his skin. He kisses you, but it doesn't taste like it always does. No traces of lemon and mint. His tongue tastes like liquorice instead. And that's how you know something's really wrong.
Warning: cheating

~ The biggest fan
Sakumoto | Angst, Romance, Friendship, Fluff | NC-17
Summary: Jun had always admired Sho when they were still Juniors. Then, suddenly, one day he just stopped. No one knew why, but everyone could see that their relationship wasn’t what it used to be any more.

~ Not like that
Sho/Everyone | Crack, Humour, Friendship, Romance | PG-13
Summary: Sakurai Sho doesn't know why everyone thinks he's gay.

~ Patience
Junba | Romance, Fluff | R (for language)
Summary: If there was one thing Matsumoto Jun was not, was patient. [...] It was a mystery to him, then, how in the world he could be in love with the most idiotic, unreasonable, over the top, unpredictable man in the universe. In the galaxy!

~ The Shadow / Leader
Yama | Romance, Smut | R
Summary: Ohno was, quite simply put, what Sho was not.

Drabbles & Ficlets
(fics ordered from newest to oldest)

Aimiya | Comedy/Humour | G | 320 words
Summary: Aiba is jealous of Australia.

hanami (flower viewing)
Sakumoto | Fluff | PG-13 | 464 words
Summary: Jun loves his bonsai.

(like we used to do)
Tennen | Angst | PG-13 | 467 words
Summary: Things have just changed.

Ohmiya | Fantasy, Fluff | PG | 497 words
Summary: Somehow, Nino seems to always know how to read Ohno's mind.

first rule
Sakumiya | Angst | PG-13 | 427 words
Summary: They say money can’t buy love.

one of those times
Junba | Angst | R | 366 words
Summary: Sometimes it’s enough. Sometimes it isn’t.

Matsumiya | Hogwarts AU | PG | 430 words
Summary: Jun’s giddiness is quick to fade when it’s Nino’s turn to get sorted.

♥ don’t mind
Sakuraiba | Angst | R | 451 words
Summary: There was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on until now.

Yama | Comedy/Humour | PG-13 | 401 words
Summary: There are downsides and upsides to dating an artist.

high standards
Juntoshi | AU, Comedy | PG | 445 words
Summary: In which Jun owes Nino one.

The Only Exception
Sakuraiba | Fluff, Romance | PG | 772 words
Summary: Even if no one else notices, Sho always worries about him.


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~ {Ravenclaw AU} Out Loud
~ Backstage Sex (Pun Intended)
~ Ficlets batch #1 [ 1 & 2 ]
~ Amore [ 1 | 1.5 ]
~ Paradox
~ The Only Exception
~ Boy/friend?
~ Idols don't need to be smart
~ Stronger
~ マイリーダー (My Leader)
~ L is for... [#1 | #2 | #3]
~ Truth or Dare [1 & 2]
~ Operation Jeannie
~ Their Relationship & His Laugh, His Smile
~ Lemon and Mint
~ The Biggest Fan
~ Not Like That
~ Patience
~ The Shadow/Leader

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