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Title: Truth or Dare (1/2)
Characters and Pairings: Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun, Aimiya (friendship), Aiba/Everyone (please read A/N)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Romance, Crack in some points, slight Angst in others (please read A/N)
Summary: Nino and Aiba have a secret game they like to play since they were fifteen, and neither has called it quit yet. But what happens when Nino accidentally finds out that Aiba had been keeping a huge secret from him for seventeen years?
Disclaimer: Arashi don't belong to me, it's them who own my Soul! Soul! Also, Nino is probably even more mischievous. Just saying.
A/N: >> This story has five different endings. << You will be presented with some choices to make in the second chapter with regards to what the characters have to do. Depending on the choice, you'll get a different ending. In the future, I'd like to make another “choose your path” story, so if you liked this let me know, so I can get on it sometimes in the next months lol
I had so much fun with this, I swear. I just love Aiba and Nino's friendship. Here's to 20 years more, you guys.
(The second part will be posted as soon as I have the time to re-read it, between tonight and tomorrow!)

“Truth or dare?”

    Aiba looked to his right at the source of the noise. Nino was spreading next to him on the couch, his hands behind his neck, looking at him with a smirk.

    “Dare,” he answered, almost immediately.

    Seeing Nino's smirk become a mischievous grin, Aiba bit his tongue, already starting to regret his choice. He gulped as his friend's gaze wandered around the room, looking for a way to make his life miserable. He seemed to be satisfied when he saw a rack in front of him, their costumes for the concert hanging from it.

    “Tonight, when you come backstage to change after your solo,” he lowered his voice and got closer to his ear, “you have to 'inadvertently' flash the staff while you're getting ready for the next performance.”

    “Eeeh!? I can't do that, Nino, that's sexual harassment!” he exclaimed.

    “You calling it quit?” hummed Nino. “Are you a chicken?”

    “I'm not a chicken,” Aiba burst out.

    Nino observed his best friend's face. His cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, - and a little anger too, he suspected. He felt his lips move, and a smug grin invaded his face. He knew Aiba would complain, but in the end he would always do whatever Nino asked of him. It was their secret little game since they were 15, and neither of them had ever called it quit yet.


It all started when a thirteen years old Nino entered Johnny's agency. He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it either. It made for a nice way to pass the time and, even though he didn't feel like he belonged, he definitely didn't feel uncomfortable either, and that was a nice change of pace for him.

    As for Aiba, it hadn't been more than a couple of weeks since he had entered the agency, and he seemed already more at ease than Nino had ever been in the past two months he was there. Nino didn't really know Aiba, but he seemed cool. A little too chirpy for his tastes, maybe, but cool.

    There was also another thing Aiba was, and that is extremely naïve. He was the perfect victim, and Nino thought that he'd love to make fun of him because of that. If he had to tell the truth, - but you would never catch him telling the truth anyway, - the first time he had met Aiba, he instantly liked him. He was funny, always laughing, loved by everyone. Nino was a little jealous. He seemed to be able to make friends with everyone in the span of one second. He had no real friends, so to him Aiba was a wonder. He wanted desperately to be him, or at least to be his friend. But since he didn't know how to make friends, the only possible solution for him was to resort to his only weapon: pranks.

    He had started with something simple. A piece of paper taped to his back while he was distracted. Written on it were the words “call me idiot and high-five me.” He could never forget the look on Aiba's face when he had everyone he met that day come up to him and suddenly call him idiot. But, being an insufferable ball of bubbly fun, he somehow found a way to turn it around, and for the next couple of months every guy at the agency adopted the 'idiot and high five greeting' as the hew hip trend. Nino had sighed, but he didn't give up so quickly.

    He had passed the best time of the next three months planning pranks. He had Aiba sit on a freshly painted bench, substituted the snack in his backpack with fake food, switched the salt and the sugar next to the cafeteria so he would drink a very salty orange juice when he got up to put sugar in it, put fake bloody eyes in his locker in the showers... And yet, Aiba never seemed too upset at any of it. He just shrugged and laughed about it with his friends. Nino was getting impatient.

    The next time they had dance practice, he waited for Aiba to be alone in the showers and stole his clothes and towels leaving a two-piece pink satin lingerie instead. He hid in the back of the locker room so he could see his reaction, ready to jump out of his hiding place to give him back his clothes after a long and hard laugh in his face.

    Aiba came back a few minutes later, happily singing to himself. He looked around for his clothes and towels, but he couldn't find them. All he had was the towel he had brought to the showers, but it was drenched in water. He saw the pink satin lingerie on the bench and picked it up interested. Next thing Nino knows, Aiba is wrapping the short, wet towel around his waist, and putting the underwear on his head to keep his damp hair from falling on his forehead. Still singing, he walked out of the room, leaving a shocked and very impressed Ninomiya behind.

    That evening, Nino opened the door to the rehearsal room, where he knew Aiba was eating with other Juniors. He entered and saw him dressed in a gym suit. Somebody must have had a spare in their locker, and had given it to him. The clothes were too short for him, so his back and his ankles were completely exposed, but Aiba didn't seem to care. He was sitting on the floor with his bento in his hands, swirling his chopsticks around whenever he talked or laughed. Nino's tongue snapped impatiently, and he went to sit on a chair in the corner of the room, alone. When he reached out to take out his own bento from his backpack, though, he saw that the box had opened, and his dinner had completely spilled out.

    “Oh no!” he exclaimed, and quickly shoved his hand in to recover his Game Boy. He used his sleeve to remove all the rice from the screen and hastily turned it on. He sighed with relief. It still worked, thank God.

    “Do you want some of mine?” a voice said.

    Nino lifted his head and saw Aiba smiling in front of him, handing him his bento. There were dumplings, various vegetables including Chinese cabbage, and what looked like mapo tofu in it.

    “Ah, sorry, my family owns a Chinese restaurant, so my mum usually gives me leftovers,” without waiting for his reply, he pushed the box in his hands. “It's really good, though, I promise!”

    Nino looked at the food. It did look good, he had to admit. “Th--thank you, Aiba-san, but I can't accept,” he murmured.

    “It's okay,” he said, moving his hand in front of his face dismissively. “I have more! I always bring enough to share.” He smiled.

    “Oh. Thank you, then,” he said, a little embarrassed.

    “You're welcome, ah, Ninomiya-kun, is it?”

    He nodded. “But they call me Nino.”

    “Nino, then,” Aiba nodded. “Why don't you come and eat with us, Nino?”

    Again, he didn't wait for his reply. He unceremoniously grabbed his hand an dragged him to his group of friends. “Everybody, this is Ninomiya-kun,” he introduced him cheerily. “But his friends call him Nino.”

    Everybody waved their hands at him, and introduced themselves. Nino was only partially listening, though. A little because he was too overwhelmed by the whole situation, a little because he was pretty sure Aiba had just called him 'friend.'

When it had been time to go home, Aiba had been delighted to find out that his new friend rode the same train as his.

    “I never knew that!” he exclaimed. “I'm so happy we get to ride the train together.”

    Nino nodded silently and followed him.

    As they were almost ready to walk out of the building, Nino noticed the pink underwear sticking out from Aiba's pants. He couldn't help but laugh. Aiba turned around to look at him, a little confused, but pleased.

    “What's so funny?” he asked.

    Nino felt a little guilty. He slowly swallowed his saliva and looked at the taller guy. “I'm sorry,” he said, pointing at his pants. “It was me who hid your clothes. I thought it would be funny.” He closed his eyes. 'That's it,' he thought, 'he's going to hate me now. Well done, Kazunari,' he scolded himself.

    To his surprise, he heard a loud laughter instead. He opened his eyes and looked at him confused. Aiba had doubled up on his stomach and was laughing like a madman.

    “That,” he said when he had calmed down, “was a little mean.” He smirked. “But funny, after all.” He blinked – or rather tried to blink, but failed, closing both eyes at once. Nino chuckled under his breath as Aiba walked out and gestured for him to follow.

    On the train, they sat close together. Aiba moved frequently in his seat, and that was starting to annoy him, but it secretly made him happy. He knew that probably having to stay silent was a torture for him, and he smiled a little at the thought that he would be wearing his ear off once they got out of the train. That was the day Ninomiya Kazunari made his first real friend since kindergarten, and his best friend for life.

“Ne, Aibaka,” he mumbled, looking at the blank screen of his Game Boy Colour.

    “I told you not to call me that, Nino,” he pouted a little.

    He ignored him. “Do you have spare batteries? I used up mine and my Game Boy is dead.”

    Aiba scrambled in his bag. “Sorry, no luck.”

    Nino sighed. “I'm booored,” he whined, stretching his syllables.

    They were in the station, waiting to catch their ride home, but they were early today, and the train was nowhere to be seen.

    “We could play janken,” Aiba offered.

    “What are we, twelve?” Nino snorted.

    “Almost sixteen, actually,” he retorted.

    Nino rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Look, why don't we do something more interesting?” he said with a smirk.

    Aiba squinted his eyes. He knew that look. He had known Nino for more than two years now, and he knew what that grin meant: trouble. And, more specifically, trouble for him.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “Whenever you propose we do something interesting it always ends up with me getting caught in some embarrassing situation while you go your merry way,” he said, suspicious.

    “It's different this time,” Nino said innocently.

    Aiba snorted. “I don't believe you.”

    “Come on, Aiba-chan,” he sing-songed. “It's a simple game, really. Truth or dare.”


    “Each of us gets a turn. If you choose truth, you can't lie. And if you chose dare, you have to do whatever the other one says,” he explained, scrolling his shoulders. “Pretty straightforward.”

    “You can't lie? And you have to do whatever I say?” Aiba asked, a little curious.

    “Yeah, that's kind of the whole point of the game, Aibaka.”

    “What if I don't like it any more?”

    “You can call it off, of course. But it wouldn't be fair without some sort of punishment, don't you think?” he added, with an angelic look on his face.

    “Hmm,” Aiba repeated. “Who gets to start?”

    “We can janken for it, since you were so eager to play before.”

    Aiba thought about it. “Alright,” he conceded. “But no cheating!”

    “No cheating. Promised.” Nino put his right hand over his heart.

    They played janken and Nino won the first round. Aiba regretted ever saying yes to this game when he saw the evil look on Nino's face after he had chosen 'dare.' That night, he got home with his hair all wrapped up in ponytails going in all directions, and a blush on his face so red that it would have put a tomato to shame.


“Aiba, what was that? We were so surprised,” Nino asked with just a hint of teasing in his voice.

    They had just ended their concert after the last encore, and they were waiting to get in the shower when Nino had approached his friend and asked him that question out loud. Aiba looked daggers at him.

    “Eh? What is this about?” Sho arched his eyebrows.

    “Right, you weren't there, Sho-kun,” answered Nino. “You went to do your solo after Aiba, right?” Sho nodded. “Well, after he came back to change, this guy,” he pointed at Aiba, “when he pulled his pants down, he also pulled his underwear,” he paused for effect, “in front of everyone.”

    “What?!” Sho started laughing and clapping his hands. Ohno was a complete mess, holding his stomach and crying from all the hilarity. Jun was holding back, but only because he was too tired to laugh out loud. Aiba stared at Nino, who had a very amused look on his face.

'That jerk,' he thought. 'Gathered everyone around because he knew what was going happen.'

    Almost as if he could read his mind, his friend looked at him and winked, congratulating himself for the brilliant success of his plan.

    “It was an accident!” Aiba blurted out, looking down at the floor. “My underwear got caught somehow, and so that happened.”

    “Really, Aibaka, you are hopeless,” Nino said, looking up exasperated and patting him on the shoulder.

    One after another, the other members dragged themselves to the showers. Aiba grabbed Nino's wrist before he could follow.

    “Truth or dare?” he whispered angrily in his ear.

    Nino smiled smugly. “Which one will it be, ne?” he hummed. “Dare, then.”

    Aiba grinned. Nino always chose dare, after all. And he was going to get his revenge.

It had been a week, and Aiba still hadn't come up with a dare for Nino. But, according to their rules, a week was the maximum time limit, and Aiba had to give his order by the end of the day or lose his turn automatically. It often happened that the older guy would wait till the last minute, but he never lost a turn. He simply used to drag it out because he never knew what dare he should make Nino do.

    The day passed without a word from Aiba till they were back in their rooms at the hotel after another concert.

    “I got it!” he announced with a sparkle in his eyes, barging in his room uninvited.

    Nino was sitting on the couch, watching the sports channel. “Uh?”

    “Your dare.”

    “Oh, right,” he rubbed his eyes tiredly. “I almost forgot.” He looked at his watch. It was past eleven. “Cutting it close, uh? In another fifteen minutes you would have lost your turn.”

    “But I haven't, and I have you dare,” he said, trying not to giggle.

    “Let's hear it, then.”

    Aiba sat on the armchair. “In two days you're having lunch with your mother, right?”

    “Yes,” Nino replied, feeling a little uneasy. 'What is he planning now?'

    Aiba couldn't contain a giggle. “While you're with her, I want you to write a passionate text to your girlfriend...”

    “I don't have a girlfriend.”

    “Your lover, or whatever you call her,” Aiba rolled his eyes.

    “Is that it?” Nino yawned. That was easy. He didn't even know what Aiba was so excited about.

    “Oh, no, now we're getting to the good part,” he clapped his hands. “I want you to write a passionate text talking about what you like about her and what you want to do to her, stuff like that. And then, when you're sending it,” he smirked, “I want you to send it to your mother who's sitting right in front of you by 'accident.'”

    If Nino had been drinking at that moment, he would have spluttered everything out. “What!?” he said, incredulous.

    Aiba's smirk grew bigger. Nino never thought he could be capable of something like that. In the seventeen years this game had been going on, his dares were usually something stupid like “feed Ohno with your chopsticks,” “go around with your clothes backwards” or, - Aiba's personal favourite, - “draw boobs on a hundred post-its and paste them everywhere making sure someone's watching you.” He never thought he could level up like that in the span of one week.

    “You can always call it quit, Kazu-chan.” Aiba was clearly having fun. For the first time, he had all the power, and Nino was helpless. “Show everyone what a chicken you are.”

    “I'm not a chicken.”

    “Well, we shall see in two days, shall we?”

    And with a final laugh, Aiba left the room, leaving him alone on his couch, thinking about his revenge.

Two days later, Aiba insisted to tag along with him to meet his mother for lunch.

    “You don't need to come, you can check my phone later, idiot,” he had snapped.

    “And miss the look on your face? Never,” he had chirped in response.

    They were in Aiba's car, - he wanted to go so badly, so it was only fair that he'd be the one to pay for gas, Nino had told him, - and they were arriving at their destination, a five stars Italian restaurant called Di Buona Forchetta. They left the car in the underground parking, and entered from the back door. A woman was waiting.

    “Welcome, Ninomiya-san, Aiba-san,” said the woman in a foreign accent. She was definitely a foreigner, though Nino doubted she was really Italian. “Your guest has already arrived. May I please escort you to your room?”

    They followed the woman to the private room. Inside, Nino found his mother waiting for him at the table. He greeted her with a kiss and observed as Aiba exchanged pleasantries with her. He sat at the table and gritted his teeth. This was going to be a nightmare.

    “Aiba-kun,” was saying his mother, “how's work going?”

    “We just finished our last concert for this tour yesterday, so we're getting a couple of days off to relax. After that, we return to our normal filming schedule.”

    “Oh, I see.” She turned towards Nino. “And tell me, is my son treating you well? Is he being a good boy?”

    “I'm not a child, ma',” he replied, pouting.

    “God only knows why you act like one sometimes, then,” she said, and both she and Aiba laughed.

    Their night was so pleasant that Nino forgot about the dare. The had chosen a fish menu, so they started their dinner with their antipasti di mare, followed by some risotto alla pescatora, and some orata in crosta di patate, which was basically roasted sea bream with potatoes and tasted as good as it sounded. They were just about to begin eating their dessert, tiramisù, when Aiba, who was sitting next to him, gently nudged him under the table with his foot. Well, at least Nino thought he had tried to do it gently, but Aiba being his usual clumsy self, he basically gave him a kick that made him howl in pain.

    “Nino, what's wrong?” his mother asked him, worried.

    Nino reached his ankle to massage it. “It's nothing, I kicked the table by accident,” he lied. If she had been anyone else, he would have called Aiba out and yelled at him to be more careful, but his mother had always had a soft spot for his friend, and she definitely wouldn't appreciate his son being his usual snarky self with him.

    He grimaced a little at the thought of what he was about to do. He took his phone from his pocket under the table. He had already composed a text with Aiba's “help” earlier. It was so full of filthy words that if he were actually capable of blushing over that pale skin of his, he'd be as red as a burning star right now. He considered not to send the text after all. What if he called it quit? He would have to face a punishment, but whatever Aiba would come up with for that... could it be worse than this?

    He glanced at Aiba sideways. He had a mischievous look in his eyes as he talked with his mother. He probably thought Nino wasn't going to get through with this and that he had the victory in his hands. Nino cursed under his breath. He wasn't going to give in. Aiba Masaki would never win against him. In a spark of rage, he pressed the “send” button on his phone. 'Crap, crap, crap. crap.' He regretted it immediately when he heard the soft ding coming from his mother's purse.

    “Oh, I'm sorry,” she said while picking up the phone. Aiba looked at Nino in shock. He really didn't think he'd send that, did he? A brief sense of pride invaded his chest, but it died immediately when his mother spoke again. “Kazu-chan, why are you sending me a text now?” she laughed.

    “Ah, wait!” Nino tried to stop her on impulse, with no luck.

    His mother put a hand on her mouth, aghast. “Ninomiya Kazunari...” she whispered.

    Nino wanted nothing more than for the Earth to swallow him whole.

He didn't know why he said that, but, boy, was he glad he did. It was one of those strokes of genius things. But he had just uncovered a secret he never even knew existed, and boy, was he going to use it to his advantage.

    A month had passed since he had to send that text to his mother. Aiba was feeling so guilty after that that he had gone back to giving him stupid, softcore dares like “draw on Riida's face while he's sleeping,” or “talk like a little kid for a day.” He also feared Nino's revenge, of course. Which is why he had chosen only “truth” for the past month. But Nino was nothing but sweet and courteous with him, asking him truths like “what's your favourite member solo in the new album?” or “did you really make out with Takei Emi last time she guested on VS Arashi?”

    It wasn't that Nino wasn't angry any more, - albeit still somewhat impressed at the nerve on that guy. On the contrary. But he thought that revenge was indeed a dish better served cold. And he intended to blindside Aiba whenever he least expected it.

    With that in mind, he really thought he was doing nothing more than giving Aiba another innocent, the-answer-doesn't-matter question that day when he had sat down on the couch in the middle of the greenroom and had looked at Aiba, who was sitting on his right, stealing glances at the other members.

    “Truth or dare?” he'd asked.

    Aiba had flinched a little. “Truth,” he'd replied in a little voice.

    Nino had looked at the other members who were doing their own things. “Hmm. Do you want to bang anyone from Arashi?”

    Now, Nino had known Aiba for a whole of twenty years, so he knew him better than anyone else – Aiba himself included. He knew, then, what it meant when his friend's lips would quiver imperceptibly like that, and he would tuck his hair behind his left ear, looking away. Aiba was uncomfortable, and now all the members had turned to look at him because he had just yelled “Really!?” in amused shock.

    “What's up?” inquired Jun.

    Aiba squirmed in his seat. Nino suppressed a laugh. “Nothing, sorry.” He raised a hand at Jun in apology, and the others turned their attentions back to their previous activity.

    “Really?” he repeated, this time whispering to Aiba, who was looking back at him with a panicked expression. “Who is it?”

    “You get one question, Nino,” he said, agitated. “It's my turn, so... truth or dare?”

    “Dare,” Nino hummed.

    Oh, yes. Sweet revenge.


-If anyone was wondering, the name of the restaurant, “Di Buona Forchetta,” is an Italian expression that is used to describe someone who likes to eat (good quality) food and eats a lot of it.
-I'm going to provide you with images of the food mentioned, but please don't look at them if you're hungry, it may be bad for you:

This is why I love being Italian, tbh.

Date: 2016-11-05 09:16 pm (UTC)
learashi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] learashi
Yeah, I looked and now I'm seriously needing some Italian food even though it's only 7am. Good thing it's pizza for dinner tonight.
I am just as curious as Nino...who does Aiba want to bang? *crosses fingers for it to be Jun* (Wait, is that what we get to decide?)
They way you portrayed their friendship here is just beautiful. I can picture them as a pair of wrinkly senior citizens still daring each other to do something hilariously stupid.
Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here waiting for part 2.

Date: 2016-11-05 11:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Can't wait for Aiba's answer. Lol

Are there going to be five, like pick who you want to read about? (Still kind of confused >.<)

But if he picks Nino, I'm gonna hyperventilate, they seem to have a lot if sexual tension here. (Or is it just me?)

Date: 2016-11-06 01:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh... my... goodness...

There's only one person I want Aiba to pick (BUT I FEEL LIKE MY SHIPPER HEART WILL BE DISAPPOINTED BIG TIME) but... I'll just sit here patiently. :D

Thanks for this! I love how you portrayed Aiba and Nino's friendship
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