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10 Ficlets, all under 500 words, one for each pairing, different ratings and genres. If you missed the first batch, here it is.

bitter | Aimiya | G | Comedy/Humour | 320 words
Aiba is jealous of Australia.

“It’s not fair,” Aiba complains for the fifth time that evening.

Nino, who has been listening to his moaning for the better time of two hours now, throws a pillow at his head. Aiba whines when he’s hit, and throws the pillow back, missing Nino by a long shot.

They remain silent for a while after that, the only source of noise being the television in front of them, where questionably dressed singers in layers and layers of sequins that would make even Arashi blush, are performing in front of a live audience. Suddenly, the singers on the stage finish their duet while glitter and sparkly ribbons fall from the ceiling on the unsuspecting audience. That only makes the public scream louder and Aiba start to moan again.

“Aiba, I swear to holy Nintendo, start whining again and I will kick you out of my apartment in your underwear and call the cops on you,” Nino roars.

Aiba crosses his arms and looks at him with resentment. Nino enjoys approximately 5.2 seconds of quiet before Aiba starts complaining again.

“I just don’t get it, why is Australia allowed on Eurovision and we aren’t?”

Nino rolls his eyes. He doesn’t know why Aiba is so stuck on this technicality. “Australian people just love Eurovision that much, okay?”

I love Eurovision that much!” Aiba protests.

“Yeah, well,” Nino says, “no one else in Japan does, apparently.”

After the VTR, a new singer comes up on stage and Nino grimaces. She’s wearing a multicoloured jacket on top of an extravagant dress made of tulle, velvet, and taffeta. Her hair resembles more a bird nest than actual hair, and her eyes are smack in the centre of a cloud of glittery eyeshadow.

“We would pull off that look so much better,” Aiba mumbles bitterly.

Nino throws him another pillow. Thank the heavens they’re not really participating in Eurovision.

He doesn’t envy Australia one bit.

hanami (flower viewing) | Sakumoto | PG-13 | Fluff | 464 words
Jun loves his bonsai.

Sho is about to go on set when his phone starts vibrating with the sound of incoming messages.

When he opens up Arashi’s LINE chat, the first thing he sees is a picture of Jun’s bonsai.

‘My sakura bonsai has blossomed!’

‘It’s beautiful’

‘Thanks, Leader’

‘I will never get your obsession with these overpriced tiny trees, but congrats, I guess?’

‘Wow! You’ll have your own private hanami this year!’

Sho hasn’t been to Jun’s apartment in weeks now because he’s been busy with Zero and his idol work, and Jun’s been busy as well. He remembers that when he last saw it, the little tree was still barren, with small buds shyly peeking from the branches. He takes a better look at the picture. Now the bonsai is full of pink flowers. Some petals even fell on the table. It’s really beautiful, he has to admit. He quickly types a reply and hits send.

‘Congrats, Jun.’

His phone immediately buzzes, and he has barely the time to steal a glance before he has to go.


It’s been a while since he’s used the key to Jun’s apartment, and when he hears the door click he’s relieved it’s still working. He really can't remember the last time he had a free night to spend with Jun.

When he walks in, he’s not surprised to find his boyfriend staring at his bonsai lovingly in the living room.

“Tadaima,” he says.

“Oh.” Jun's smile is genuine when he sees him and Sho already feels his tiredness disappear. “Okaeri.”

“So,” he points at the bonsai, “did you ask it to marry you already?” he teases.

“Idiot.” Jun's eyebrows frown immediately. He crosses his arms and clicks his tongue. “Don’t you get it? Why I love this bonsai so much?”

Sho stares at him in confusion. “You do love bonsai a lot…”

Jun shoots him an irritated stare. “Not enough to shell thousands of yens on them, no.”

Sho looks around, not sure of what he should do.

Luckily, Jun comes to his rescue. “What tree is this?”

“Uh? A sakura bonsai.”

Jun rolls his eyes. “Exactly. A sakura bonsai, Sakurai.”

It takes him a few seconds to understand what his boyfriend is saying, and when he does, he does the only sensible thing you could do in times like this: he bursts out laughing.

Jun is blushing now, and he finds it very cute.

“So,” he says when he has regained his breath. His lips are smirking now as his hands go to his tie, loosening it. “Are you ready for your own private hanami then?” he asks.

The first item of clothing is already on the floor when he feels Jun’s grin on his lips.

Oh, how he missed him.

(like we used to do) | Tennen | PG-13 | Angst | 467 words | insp.
Things have just changed.

Ohno wakes up at seven thirty like he has for the last five years now. There’s only one thing missing when he opens his eyes, and it’s the same thing that has been missing for the past four months.

Everything else is there: the long limbs, the fluffy hair, the plump lips. The only thing that isn’t there is his smile. That beautiful smile that could brighten up a whole room in a second.

It just happened. One day, they drifted apart and they didn’t know why. Suddenly, the things that were supposed to make them happy, made them sad instead. Even their touches became more desperate, burning with something other than passion: burning with anger, regrets, misery. Until, one day, they couldn’t take it anymore.

“We don’t laugh anymore,” had said his lover one day.

Ohno still remembers that scene like it happened yesterday. Aiba, sitting at the kitchen counter with his mug in his hands, dressed in his favourite sweater, the light blue one that Ohno had bought him for their first Christmas together. He still remembers how the heat rose from the cup, forming a spiral of fog in the air. It was a cold but sunny day out, and the sun had taken over the whole room, splashing gold on every surface, making Aiba’s hair shimmer. Ohno has tried many times to paint the exact colour of that hair in his memory, but he never could.

Aiba still lays in their bed, staring at the ceiling like he has for the past months. His eyes shift to the empty spot next to him as he remembers a peaceful face sleeping beside him. There’s one thing he misses more than anything, but he knows there’s nothing he can do to take it back.

There were times when Ohno would look at him adoringly, and then hold out a hand to touch him. And Aiba would gladly let him do as he pleased with his body, a blank canvas for him to paint on with lips and fingertips. But it had been a while. Now, when Ohno touched him, he didn’t feel the love anymore.

“So, it’s tomorrow?” Aiba asks while they’re having breakfast.

Ohno knows Aiba is not asking for confirmation. He’s only talking to have something to do. Still, it hurts when he has to nod in reply. It’s tomorrow, he thinks. Our best friend's wedding is tomorrow…

“And then we can tell everyone,” Aiba’s voice finishes his thoughts.

Ohno lets his face fall in his hand. He hears Aiba get up to get dressed as he remains there. In his head, he replays those words over and over again, the last words Aiba had told him that morning they decided to break up:

‘We don’t talk anymore like we used to do.’

closer | Ohmiya | PG | Fantasy, Fluff | 497 words
Somehow, Nino seems to always know how to read Ohno's mind.

It’s become sort of an inside joke in their office, that Ohno Satoshi never speaks and seems to be out of it pretty much all the time.

And it’s true, Ohno has always been the silent type, but not for the reason people might think. It’s just that when you can read people’s mind since you were a little boy, you grow up learning how focus to keep everyone else’s thoughts out of your head.

“Are you coming, Ohno-senpai?” Jun asks.

“Uh?” He and Aiba had been discussing going to a sushi bar for the past five minutes, Ohno remembers. “Yeah, just give me a second.”

“We’ll see you there, then,” Jun says before he runs after Aiba, leaving him alone in the break room.

When the door finally closes, Ohno heaves a sigh and rubs his eyes. His headache is killing him. Even if they’re not in the room anymore, he can still hear Jun’s thoughts as his mind goes over and over his presentation for the next day, while Aiba’s worries about his new project are clouding his head. And they’re just the louder thoughts, the ones he can discern in the myriads of others that are buzzing in his mind right now.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

He looks up. Nino is leaning against the door, looking at him. He was already done for the day an hour ago, but he apparently never left. Ohno observes the frown on his face. He doesn’t need mind reading to know what he’s thinking, but he still appreciates that Nino isn’t telling him that he’s an idiot. This time, at least.

When Nino walks in and sits beside him, Ohno leans against him immediately, sighing with relief at the contact. They don’t know why, but Nino is the only one whose thoughts Ohno could never read. And also the only one who can make every other voice in his head disappear with just one touch. In times like these, when his powers overwhelm him, Nino is the only thing that keeps him sane.

“That bad, uh?” Nino comments when Ohno goes as far as pushing his face in the crook of his neck.

Ohno presses a sheepish smile on his skin.

Nino’s sigh is small, but Ohno is half draped over his body, so he can still feel it.

“Sorry,” he mumbles. He feels bad for making him worry. Nino tries to put on a tough persona, but Ohno knows how much he cares about his friends.

“What would you do without me?”

This time, Nino’s sigh is annoyed and exasperated, and yet Ohno can’t help but smile again as he feels him leave a fugacious kiss in his hair before pulling him closer.

Nino never needs him to speak to know what he's thinking, but Ohno tells him anyway, even though he knows it'll only gain him an eye-roll and a playful slap on his head.

“Thank you.”

This time, at least, the slap never comes.

first rule | Sakumiya | PG-13 | Angst | 427 words
They say money can’t buy love.

He knows he doesn’t own him, and he never will. And yet, he thinks every time he reaches for his wallet, he still pays for his company.

But how could he not? Just one look at him and he was lost.

He tastes every colour of his skin, fingers pulling at the softness of his hair, lips going down to the mole on his chin, and then fingertips dancing on his shoulders, on his chest, on his back, on his thighs… Sho knows he doesn’t own anything of this body, but he still marks it with his teeth, still dirties it with his touch, still chains it with silent words of love. And Nino takes everything, never stops him, and to Sho it’s a cruel illusion, to think that Nino loves him too, but he doesn’t care most of the time. He only regrets it when they say goodbye, and his hands have nothing else to hold on to, the only trace left of their encounter being their scent on his sheets, the racing heart in his chest, and the promise to see each other again.

Sho knows he doesn’t own Nino, but Nino owns his heart.

Nino once told him that the most important rule in his line of business was to never fall in love.

‘But did you ever?’ he had asked, a little light of hope barely alive in his words.

Nino had smiled a little and had taken a long drag on his cigarette.

‘Sho-chan,’ he had said a few seconds later, ‘you ask too much. This is not in our contract.’

Of course it wasn’t, Sho had thought. ‘No private questions,’ had told him Nino when they first started this. ‘You can tell me about your life, if you want, but I won’t tell you anything about mine.’

At the time, Sho had accepted, thinking nothing of it. He was already desperately in love and he still thought he could make Nino want him too. And even if he didn’t, he had hoped to be satisfied with Nino’s body.

How wrong he was.

First rule: never fall in love.

“Tomorrow, same time?” Sho says, handing him his money.

‘But did you ever?’ Sho had asked him once. Nino still remembers the light brush of his fingers on his when he passed him the cigarette they were sharing, the shivers running down his body and making his heart race suddenly.

“Yeah,” he whispers, taking the bills from his hands.

He’s glad Sho can’t see the tears on his face while he walks away.


+ (Note for the Aimiya ficlet, bitter)
- Eurovision is an annual song contest between European Countries. Australia is allowed to participate because they're fluffy and cute and they apparently love Eurovision so much that they requested to be a part of it.

+ A/N

- I hope you liked these two batches of ficlets! :D Since I've been asked about it, and this might be confusing, I wanted to add something: a ficlet (at least in the way it was used a few years ago, and the way I use this term) is a short fic between 200 and 1000 words. I hope this clarifies my use of this term for these stories :D Still, I think nowadays these are all just called drabbles, though, so you can call them whatever you like!
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