Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Title: Backstage Sex (Pun Intended)
Pairing: Sakuraiba (Sho/Aiba)
Genre: it's literally just PWP, nothing else (but in my head there's backstory I swear lol)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own Arashi. I wish I did, though.
A/N: This was written for the Christmas Smut Meme 2016. I debated with myself if I should post this on my community for a while now, but then I thought I should even if just for archiving purposes. xD And since I'm in bed with the stupid flu, I finally found the time to correct some typos (never post from your cellphone, kids, autocorrect will get ya 99% of the times) and I'm posting the whole thing as it is. The request was for Sakuraiba barebacking with no lube. Notes/extras were: going at it after some concert/live show/whatever in an unused backstage room, lots of adrenaline involved and no condoms/lube on hand. Bonus for rough sex! I probably could only do this because it's Sakuraiba, to be honest xD The title is what it is because 1. I suck at titles 2. I love puns. Enjoy xD

If Sho had to pinpoint exactly when things started happening, he had no idea. )

A/N: There's going to be more Sakuraiba in the next weeks (don't ask when though, uni is keeping me so busy these days I'm almost glad I got the flu so I'm forced to rest lol.) I'm actually going to post a new story set in the same universe of one of the ficlets I posted last month (your guess as to which one xD) That's it, I guess? My head is a mess, so things might not make complete sense xD Love you all~


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Disclaimer: I don't own Arashi.
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